Pipe reticulation system is a revolutionary termite treatment method designed to effectively treat the area under concrete slabs or flooring before they are constructed. The reticulation system is a network of underground specially designed pipes(rubberized membrane) to induce anti-termite chemical uniformly throughout the building’s foundations. This termite treatment system helps to protect against invasion by termites in the future which would otherwise enter from the outside of your home or from under the floor. It is extremely durable and gives a very robust protection to a new building and works as a highly effective termite shield for years together.
Advantages of Termite Reticulation Treatment
No excavation or Drilling the holes in the floor to inject termite chemical is required. Tedious work of removing the furniture in the area is not required. No pungent smell of the termite chemical is released in the premise. No exposure of insecticides to occupants of the building. Installation of piping system is warranted for 20 years with refilling every Third year. Unlike the conventional termite injection method, there is even distribution of the chemical under the floor. No Stains discoloring or marks on the costly floors. The cost-benefit ratio when compared with traditional methods of termite treatment, over longer periods is considerable as recharge costs are significantly lower than a drill and fill method. Termite-tubing-network-layout Figure 3: Anti Termite Reticulation Layout

Termite Control

Working Principle and Installation of Reticulation System
The reticulation system involves lying of special flexible, continuously perforated 16 mm dia pipe along the internal periphery of the building and center of the flooring using grid design (every 5 feet). The placement of perforated pipes (made of rubberized membrane) is done along the flooring just before laying of the sand bed/subgrade or before fixing the floor marble/tiles. The perforated pipe has emitters fabricated in them which allow uniform distribution of termiticide under the entire flooring. The emitters distribute chemicals at a pre-calculated rate and reduces the risk of any area being untreated. The use of continuously perforated porous pipe ensures no debris, clay, or concrete will block the pipe and make it ineffective. The open ends of this network of pipes are joined at several Junction Boxes (Refilling points) for periodical recharging of termite chemical. Generally, these junction boxes are installed on the outer walls in a concealed manner or match the aesthetics of the building exteriors. Refilling points are installed along the external wall so that the termiticide could be applied from outside the building without causing any disturbance to the occupants. Termite control chemical emulsions are induced at low pressure through these junction points (refilling points). Low pressure ensures even distribution of termiticide emulsion at all delivery points and finally to entire network of porous pipe. This system creates a continuous chemical barrier under the floor and impede termites invasion through soil and deny access to the structure of the building.

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